Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Medical Student's Prayer on General Surgery

God, today can I please not feel like a useless appendage.
Can I not get yelled at by the attending,
for the labs that weren’t ordered by the resident

Can I not get yelled at by the intern,
for the nurse who decided that only nurses can be ‘patient advocates’

Can I not get yelled at by the nurse
for the fact she/he can’t make anyone else’s life hell
as much as she/he can make mine.

Can I get something to eat
before I’ve gone hungry for 12 hours

Can I sleep for at least 4 hours

Can I not get splashed by urine/blood/worse

Oh, and if You could manage it:
Can I not spend 10 hours in the OR with
the surgeon who believes all Med3s
should know how to recite Netter in Greek.

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