Sunday, February 11, 2007

Boobie Bean Bags

I came across this article and the only thing I could think of was this: weird.

Now, I’ve used the nifty, if expensive, latex boobie to demonstrate lactation and breast feeding to a new mom. Which by the way was an absolutely hilarious experience given that the mom in question had had 5 previous breast fed children and I have never in the whole of my life lactated(thank God!). The situation was awkward enough with the professional looking latex fake breast that I was given to use as a prop. I know I conveyed the correct information, demonstrated proper technique, and came across as a professional and caring doctor (I was being assessed at the time by a midwife and a lactation consultatent on OBGYN~ two professionals who sort of have a hate/hate relationship with the OBGYN docs. They gave me the above written eval so I know that I did more than fair in my attempt). However, I got the direct feeling that both the new mom and myself were looking at the fake breast with the same ‘hehe’ third grade humor thoughts that most normal people have when confronted with a plastic prop of the human body. Not the most conducive to a professional conversation.

So after reading this article and looking at the models offered the only thought that ran through my mind was: ‘Great now they’re going to make med students play with sock puppets and attempt to sound and look professional’. Thank goodness I won’t ever be tossing around the boobie bean bag.

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